Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Going Out

Going Out

Going Out by dontforgetaboutusfashion featuring circle scarves

Peacoat - $50 - delias.com
Jeans - $16 - hm.com
Scarf - $11 - hm.com
Shoes - $17 - target.com

I love this outfit for going outdoor shopping or something, this is also a good look for school with a cute shirt. I love love pea coats, especially colored ones, I have those shoes in blue and grey stripes and they are soo comfy and I love H&M jeans! Scarfs are so in now and I love the knit look that isn't flat against your body.

Kitty Comfy

Shirt-$42 - romwe.com

Jeans-$35 - amazon.com (hot topic)

TOMS-$45 - asos.com or toms.com

I loveeee this outfit, I'm so getting that shirt and I really want new blue Toms! Perfect for a comfy day!

Game Night

Game Night

Letterman jacket

Forever 21

Vans lace up shoes

I love forever 21 jeans because they are cheap (these are only $11!) and they actually fit my body, I'm a size 0 short and I can never find jeans that don't like hang don't past my ankles because they are so long on me! I love the varsity jacket from Delias and I love love the blue pop of color from the vans!

Great for around now when its cold enough for a light jacket and jeans!